at one point in my life i thought i knew things. now i know i don't
Winter and her new friends. #muttmuttly #muttsrule #rescueclub #dogs

Winter and her new friends. #muttmuttly #muttsrule #rescueclub #dogs


I want to look at my ex (who of course hasn’t quite moved out yet) and yell in his face “YOU TOLD SOMEONE ELSE THEY WERE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS REPLACE MY FUCKING CROISSANTS WHEN YOU EAT THE LAST DAMN ONE”

But you know, my WASPy upbringing keeps that shit on lock down for real. 


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argghhhhh i wanna wiiiiin

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He is so smart. Brushing his teeth’s. #bear #oldguysrule #rescuepets

This is where I lean. #bear #oldguysrule #rescuepets

This is where I lean. #bear #oldguysrule #rescuepets

Here, Lizzie-Lizzie. #reptiles #lizardlove

Here, Lizzie-Lizzie. #reptiles #lizardlove

#mcm #bear #beast #mancrushmonday

#mcm #bear #beast #mancrushmonday

I think

I just realized I’m a hopeless romantic. After so many years of self brainwashing that feelings are obsolete. Fuck.